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"If music be the food of love, play on" said the Bard. Music transcends all linguistic and national barriers, very true. But when good music is set to lyrics written in the language of one's heart, it never fails to bring up the nostalgic memories of a bygone era, to take us through the long-winding trails into the lands of dreams or despair.

This website, the first of its kind, was born out of the realization that there is no authentic source of information or text on the large number of Malayalam lyrics for a music lover who wishes to know something more than just the tune of a particular song. We try to bring before you an anthology of Malayalam lyrics. Here the songs which were hummed till now, but never sung, for you did not know the exact words, come alive before you.

These words were penned by lyricists, some great and some not so great. This is a treasury of Malayalam lyrics, those magical words that make the body of the musical spirit of the songs soar into heights of fantasy and imagination. We hope this venture succeeds in bringing an end to your search for the lyrics of your favourite songs in the language closest to your heart..!!

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