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Dear friends,

Let me claim, with pride, that the idea of making the lyrics of Malayalam film songs available to any one who is interested in it, was my own. However, left to myself, nothing would have happened perhaps. I am indebted to a host of people in my circle and those whom I came across during the days of the site’s teething troubles and, lo and behold, the lyrics of thousands of Malayalam film songs are just a few mouse clicks away for a person residing any where.

While film songs in several Indian vernaculars are – to borrow Shakespeare’s words – just "sound and fury signifying nothing" in Malayalam, film songs are an extension of poetry. Even during the early days when sound emerged from the silver screen, songs were written by the established poets like Mahakavi G. Sankarakuruppu. A long line of renowned poets came to the scene and left some songs defying oblivion. With the limitation of space, it is not possible to list all of them but one cannot forget names like Vayalar Rama Verma and P Bhaskaran who were the main forces behind the fusion of poetry and songs. Then talents like Prof. O.N.V Kuruppu, Youssef Ali Kechery, Sree Kumaran Thampi, Bichu Thirumala, Girish Puthenchery and Kaithapram Damodharan Namboothiri continued to pen the songs and in retrospect one wonders which was the most glorious era of Malayalam film songs!

We have equally brilliant music directors. Singers like Yesudas, Jayachandran, Chitra, and Sujatha are names any Keralite can be proud of. The result is thousands and thousands of dexteriously made film songs. While enjoying the cadence of these songs, the average person forgets the meaning of the words and gets immersed in the sweet music. The purpose of our site is to provide the wordings of these immortal poetic works. Mr. Suresh Kumar (Sharjah) ,Mrs.Ponnu Kannan (Dubai) and Mr. Sanjeev Somasekharan Nair (Sanju Haripad) and his wify Seema Sanjeev have posted the lyrics of more than 1000 songs. They, along with Mr. Suneer Iringal Thodi (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and Miss Asha Alex (Manchester, U.K.), Miss.Dhanya Ravi,Bangalore are the moderators of this site and discussions. They also edit and upload the details of the songs in a database form. Mr. Roshan Ravi (Brunei) gave me the strength to build the former site with his wholehearted support.

Mr. Joseph Thomas (Jocalling, Thrissur) and his programmers have done the excellent job of developing and maintaining this site.

Unfortunately, some excellent songs in Malayalam have been forgotten and it is quite hard to trace them. Achinthya 2000 has taken pains to find such gems and provide the wordings of those songs. Mrs. Shija Muralidharan (United States) is more interested in the new songs and she provides the lyrics of the latest film and album songs. Mrs. Jessy Kuriakose (US) & Mr. Joseph Kappa, Pala did an excellent job by providing a lot of lyrics on devotional section, Mr. Sreeni Nair (New Jersey, U.S.) has been giving his valuable suggestions for the improvement of the site. Mrs. Aparna Nair (Mumbai) did help in updating our database. Mr. Natekkal, KSA provided a lot of mapplia songs. There are other invaluable members who provided a variety of songs and still want to remain anonymous like Uppayi_mappla & Voice4music ..!!

While film songs are more popular, the classical songs are the base of all songs and the laymen are not familiar with the Ragas and other such technical details. We are lucky to have the help of Mr.Abhilash,Dubai,Mr. Vinu R Nath (Cochin) and Mr Vineeth Shankar (Muscat) in this field. The support of Mr. Satish Babu, Sreeranjini webmaster was an added advantage for our classical section.

As the popularity of the site is growing exceeding our expectations, we are getting contributions from several unexpected sources and the names that come to my mind are those of Mr. Naryanan (US), Mr. Rejimon (Dubai) and Mr. Manoj Kumar (Cochin), Mr. Sabari (Kollam), Horse_whisper, Cream roses, Ajnabi, Devils_angels (Ritzy), Geethu Muruka Das, UAE, Ajithkumar_Ponnammal & Parumol and a lot more want to remain behind the curtains..!!

Yours thankfully,


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